Wednesday, March 10, 2010

YouTube shutdown

This, found on Mr Eugenides' site, is wonderful:

Those Google searches are: "celebrity Toby jugs", "recipes leftover polecat meat", "lady gaga Greggs", "alistair darling naked pictures", "google", "stasi appreciation society", "james murdoch suicide" and then some puffs for the creators of this very witty skit.

Ah, it brings back warm, fuzzy nostalgia feelings when TV wasn't on for 24 hours and our information was fed to us on slow-changing text-only pages accompanied by music so easy you could be ordering breakfast for two within ten seconds of shaking hands at a cocktail party.

The big question is what has happened to all those composers of easy music who were so ubiquitous in the 1980s? Now they don't have the Teletext gig, where have they gone? Even supermarkets don't seem to pipe easy music in-store these days.

Perhaps there is a documentary to be made out there on these maestros of the synthesizer and Andean reed-pipes. Sounds like a job for BBC Four.

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Angus Donald said...

That is hilarious! I have to check out some of those Google searches. Bye.