Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Too many Kims

These socialists like to keep things in the family, so only a few days after the Labour Party members were told that they could have any leader they wanted as long as it was a Miliband comes news that North Korea's next leader will be called Kim. Well there's a surprise.

Kim Jong-un's promotion to four-star general, in association with the first meeting of Korea's ruling party for 30 years, effectively endorsed Kim as the heir to his father, Kim Jong-il, who had himself succeeded his father Kim Il-sung.

I can understand wanting to keep the same name for your leader. Saves having to change the stamps for a start, but it is a bit unimaginative to stay within the family. There are plenty of other Kims out there to lead North Korea. Perhaps Kim Cattrall would be a bit too saucy, but what about Kim Beazley, the former Australian deputy PM who was known as Bomber Beazley for his love of miltary hardware?

Personally, though, I'd go for Kim Barnett, the former Derbyshire and England opening batsman. His leadership record - two one-day trophies with an under-resourced county - is much better than anything Kim Jong-un could offer and anyone who can carry off the bald head and moustache look with such panache will clearly go places in the Communist party.

Kim Philby would offer good communist credentials, too, and being dead for 22 years need not be a barrier to employment. After all, Kim Il-sung is still regarded as the Eternal President.

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