Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Swing low sweet Harriet

Delighted to announce the birth of the future England cricket captain/fly half/polymath and Archbishop of Canterbury - but most importantly, my daughter.

Harriet Elizabeth Nancy, known as Hattie, appeared at 6am on Monday after my wife had spent an Athertonesque 57 hours in hospital waiting for her to arrive.

I'm looking forward to spending the coming sleepless nights with her watching the Ashes. We spent our first night together watching old episodes of Bullseye and a Led Zeppelin concert. It's important to get them started on appreciating culture early, although I was glad that she nodded off before Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You as that could have been traumatic.

She shares a birthday with my good friend Bob Miller, captain of the PG Wodehouse Society cricket team, and also with the Battle of Agincourt and the Charge of the Light Brigade.


Chris said...

My children, twins, were born nearly four years ago on the eve of the first Ashes test. I intended to make the most of the enforced lack of sleep, watching England defend the ashes for the first time in a million years. The kids kept their side of the bargain, but it wasn't long before I stopped turning the TV or radio on when they woke me, lest I become more grumpy than I'd started.

Your experience will be different, Paddy. You will leap to action, sure in the knowledge that each time you tend to the infant you'll hear another Australian wicket fall, or an England batting milestone passed.

Yes it will.


Paddy said...

Thanks Chris. I'm already counting it as a good omen that her birth has coincided with Blackheath rugby club making their best start to a season for many years. Now it's over to Strauss and Co to do their bit