Friday, December 03, 2010

Australian collapse a perfect wake-me-up

Is there any better feeling than arriving in a foreign country after a seven-hour flight knowing that an Ashes Test has begun while you were somewhere over Iraq and then, on landing, discovering that Australia lost their first three wickets by the start of the third over?

I'm in Dubai for the rugby sevens (horrible country - the fact that Andrew Flintoff loves it tells you all you need to know - but a great tournament) and arrived at my hotel at 5am, three hours before I was due to leave it for the stadium.

Having risen at 6am the day before to catch a flight from Gatwick that was cancelled because of snow (I went via Heathrow in the end), I am dog-tired, but Australia's dismal start in Adelaide and the fact that they have just been dismissed for 245 puts a bit of a spring in my step.

Eighty-five TV channels in my hotel room, not one of them showing the cricket. You wouldn't know that Dubai is where cricket's world governing body is based from the coverage. Fortunately, a New Zealand friend finds a website where I can watch play live without charge.

He is delighted by Australia's woes, as are the South African pressmen here. "I don't care who wins as long as one side gets thrashed," a Saffer said, without much love for England or Australia. Looks like he may get his wish.

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Peter McGuinness said...

Don't get too far ahead of yourself Paddy.

As in Brisbane, you Poms should have made much more of your start than to have us all out for 245. You're well in front, but 245 is some kind of fightback after the first few minutes of the match.

Anderson is bowling perfectly...a real pleasure to watch. The ground fielding and catching was superb. We need to find a way to out more pressure on your other bowlers, who weren't much chop really.

While it's reasonable to have a Saffer hang sh*t on us, I'm afraid a Kiwi doesn't deserve an opinion on cricket, which is as credible in his little protectorate as bingo. Tell him to stick to driving 1996 Commodores with four different shiny rims and giant leaf stickers.

You can really make a mark on the series outcome today. Conversely, the incoming bowlers have a golden opportunity to cement their spots for us, if they're good enough on the flat deck. Can't wait - great day ahead! Enjoy your very serious, highly responsible and terrifically important reporting assignment Patrick...