Sunday, July 11, 2010

Buzzed off

This story explains why it is bad to watch porn on your computer and have a crafty wank.

Not because it is evil or against the word of God or a bit dirty, but because you might die while doing it and coroners do not respect your privacy.

Which of us really wants the fact that we died while pleasuring ourselves to be announced to the press - and reported in the Daily Mail?

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substuff said...

Yes, I read this story too and was pretty surprised by the detail in which it was reported. The only mitigating factor I could think of was that perhaps there had previously been suggestions that drugs, suicide or foul play were involved and her family had felt on balance they would prefer the truth to be known. However, I suspect that was not the case, and this was simply reporting at its most callous. Or fear-mongering from the anti-porn brigade!