Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The mystery of the missing tweet

Never mind the Pakistani bowlers and their bookmakers, the big cricket scandal today emerged on Twitter: Kevin Pietersen announced that he had been dropped by England for the upcoming one-day series with Pakistan (several hours before England's scheduled announcement) and called the decision a "fuck up"

The tweet has since been deleted and no doubt KP will be rapped on the knuckles, but almost as intriguing as his pottymouth is the last part of his tweet: "Surrey have signed me for l..."

Like the death note of a murder victim in a Sherlock Holmes story, the tweet mysteriously cuts out there because of Twitter's 140-character limit. It leaves us wondering what on earth Surrey have signed Pietersen for?

Did he mean to write "Surrey have signed me for l...oads of money" or "...life" or "...less than they paid Andrew Symonds" or "...lunchtime entertainment" or "...lambeth's hottest new drag act"?

I really think we should be told.

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