Thursday, February 04, 2010

BBC television minus one

Following my last post on the parlour game that is "Radio 4 minus 1", I began to think about a spin-off: "BBC TV minus 1". Here are a few suggestions:

A Question of Spot: Bill Beaumont and Emlyn Hughes captain the teams in the quiz show where every contest has chickenpox

'Allo 'Alo: A comedy in which an angel falls from heaven and takes refuge with the French resistance

Bids of a Feather: A very cheap auction show

Doctor Ho: Adventures of a time-travelling prostitute

Granstand: Low-budget sports show in which the main interest is how long it takes your relative to get out of her chair

House of Cads: Not too different from the original House of Cards actually

Noel's Hose Party: A tiresome Saturday evening programme in which everyone gets doused by the host

Tet the Nation: Anne Robinson hosts a quiz about the Vietnam War

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Angus said...

Might I suggest a few horrors:

Fiends – a neverending show about six particularly evil New York twentysomethings

How I et your mother – five equally evil New York twentysomethings discuss their kooky cannibal adventures (an obvious rip-off of Fiends)

2 – a short film in which Agent Jack Bauer has only a couple of hours to save the world