Thursday, February 04, 2010

Radio 4 minus one

Will Luke, writer of one of my favourite cricket blogs, has posted on an entertaining parlour game that has become popular on Twitter. I'm afraid I don't tweet myself but I remember hearing this mentioned on Fi Glover's Saturday morning show. The rules are simple: take a Radio 4 programme and see what curiosity you can come up with by removing one of the letters in its title.

For example, Will mentions: Lose Ends: a panel have to find the end of a sellotape roll.

The Shipping Forecat: a daily nautical report from a feline stowaway

Test Mach Special: Geoffrey Boycott and Henry Blofeld travel supersonic in the world's fastest planes

I've added a few suggestions of my own. Any more ideas very welcome:

The Achers: everyday stories of country folk who feel a bit sore after a hard day ploughing
Bok at Bedtime: South African rugby players read from their autobiographies

Afternoon lay: a post-luncheon bit of nookie

Font row: Mark Lawson argues with vicars about the way they lay out their churches

Face the fats: John Waite goes on to the streets of London and interviews obese people

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Angus said...

Very amusing. Congratulations Patrick on a fine first blog. I look forward to many more.

I know it's breaking the rules but can I suggest The Toady Programme: a morning news show in which Jim Naughtie and John Humphries shamelessly flatter politicians and celebrities.

Best, Angus