Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Enter the Vole

This is a new blog. Lord knows there is a shortage of them out there, but maybe The Questing Vole can add a few new insights on this strange world we live in. Perhaps some new jokes. Mainly some old jokes, though.

This blog takes its title from Scoop, Evelyn Waugh's satire on journalism, and is written by someone who has been with The Times for almost ten years, having worked in politics in Westminster before, and written for most departments of the paper, starting on the gossip column and flitting through news, features, property, comment and obituaries to my present home on sport.

As a result, the Vole will likewise pass (feather-footed, of course) across a wide array of topics, from politics and culture to sport and society. I'll try to write with a gentle humour and a whimsical bemusement for the modern world, although I may occasionally turn Hulk and give something or someone a kicking if they really annoy me.

Some of you may have read my stuff on the Times cricket blog, Line and Length, which I have been writing for the past four years. I have also written two books: one on cricket and one on rugby. Some day, if I ever pull my finger out, I'd like to write a novel or two. I have a great idea about a school for wizards...

I hope you enjoy this blog, O reader, and I shall try to post a couple of pieces a day to keep you interested. Do pop back often and let me know what you think by clicking on "comments" below. Toodle-pip!


Rich Abbott said...

Nice one, Paddy! Another for the Bookmarks Tab. Look forward to visiting regularly...

Peter said...

Hello Patrick,

You may remember me as the co-author of your cricket book, sometime house guest, fellow scotch affecianado and serial commentor on Line & Length.

Thanks for providing another forum for me to express ill-informed, poor articulated opinions to people of far higher social and intellectual standing than myself. It is a great service you provide.

Bravo...this is a fabulous idea and a great looking site. I look forward to banging on no end, within its (already) venerable electronic walls.

Paddy said...

Thanks Rich, you're always welcome and I'd appreciate any feedback.

Peter: never heard of you. I think I'd remember someone I'd written a book with, shared scotch with and had them scrawl their graffiti all over my other blog. But you are welcome anyway. By your writing style, I'm guessing you are South African, right?