Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In a stable condition

As if a story headlined "Man admits having sex with horse and donkey" isn't going to catch the eye...

But what is really interesting about the story in The Independent is a quote from the bestial one's defence lawyer. His client admitted buggering a horse and a donkey (on four separate occasions) but the lawyer applied for bail, saying:
"The defendant does not have a stable address."
I really hope that he doesn't realise the joke.

(Hat-tip to the excellent Rantings of a Sub-editor blog)


substuff said...
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Substuff said...

The ranting sub thanks you for the hat tip! (She also made a typo in her first comment, hence the mysterious deleted post)

I love this story. It's almost as good as Roger Boyes.

Paddy said...

Thanks Ranting Sub. Keep up the good work on your blog. Questing Vole is very keen on bad puns and wordplay so I hope to read some more from you soon.

Rich Abbott said...

Brilliant! The post that is, not the actions of the chap in question. They're far from brilliant.