Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Making a pig's ear out of endorsements

So a dead rockstar who was addicted to deep-fried squrrel will endorse the Labour Party but a surrealist pig has decided to withdraw her backing?

This election becomes odder and odder, although an Elvis impersonator and Ms Peppa Pig are rather more attractive celebrities for Labour to employ than the likes of Jim Davidson and that bloke from Coronation Street that the Tories used to roll out election after election.

The makers of Peppa Pig were quite right to withdraw their animated sow's endorsement of any party. There is nothing wrong with a popular cartoon character being used to explain government policy to the dim - it could hardly do worse than Ed Balls - but to be seen as partisan during an election campaign is wrong, even if Ms Pig appears on Five rather than the taxpayer-funder BBC.

This is not the first political row Peppa Pig has landed herself in. Three months ago, the makers of the cartoon had to apologise after some pillock of a parent with child-control issues complained that Peppa never wore a seatbelt while in her car.

If Labour had leapt to Peppa's defence then - perhaps issuing a press release saying "For God's sake, she's a pig. And not even real." - they might have got a bit more loyalty from the swine now.

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