Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Let's Go To It

An odd choice of rallying words from the PM, whom to his credit I thought looked more statesmanlike than usual outside Downing Street today.

"Our cause is your cause," he said. "Let's go to it."

Well oratory was never his strong suit. But "let's go to it"? Go to what? It sounds odd, almost American. Was he trying a Reservoir Dogs-style "Let's go to work"? Having Googled the phrase, "let's go to it" barely shows up.

The most likely source for his quote was from the words of a song by that noted political commentator, Dizzee Rascal. In his 2008 No 1 hit Dance Wiv Me (not yet available on the Vole's gramophone), Mr Rascal sings: "I feel like a wally if I don’t pursue it. And I can’t go through it so let’s go to it."

Yes, that is almost certainly what Brown was thinking. Lucky he didn't move on to the chorus and sing "she ain't no hoe" while patting Harriet Harman on the rump.

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Will said...

Spot on, Paddy. Meaningless call to arms - almost a plea for help. It's he, and them, who should "go to it" and not, on the first day of the campaign, ask the electorate to "go to it", wherever "it" is. No, Gordon: you go and talk to the country and persuade us to elect you formally for the first time; don't plead for our involvement. Impress us!

Dave's already looking incredibly angry. And, without being ageist, I have to say he does look a far more energised and challenging candidate than Brown who, on TV at least, looks about as purposeful as a stuffed badger.