Friday, April 30, 2010

Pot the yellow

I thought Nick Clegg's appearance at the World Snooker Championships today was quite disgraceful.

He walked through the famous curtain at the Crucible Theatre where the likes of Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry and Cliff Thorburn have passed before and wasn't wearing a black bow tie.

In fact, he wasn't wearing a tie at all. Do the Lib Dems know nothing about tradition?

Mind you, David Cameron didn't wear morning dress to his own sister's wedding last weekend - presumably because he didn't want any photos of him looking like a toff - and Gordon Brown always used to refuse to wear the traditional white tie when making the Chancellor's address at the annual Lord Mayor's dinner in London, so perhaps our party leaders are all a bit clueless about dress codes.

The Vole will stick to his own dress code of "crumpled casual" and "scruffy social"

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