Friday, May 21, 2010

At least we're good at something

Every country needs something to be proud about, something that they can definitively say they are the best in the world at doing. So this map is quite useful.

Take a bow Nepal, No 1 for mustard seeds. Well done Iran, the world's top suppliers of pistachios. Way to go Mali with your fertility rates and Somalia, the best employer of pirates on the planet. Cuba has more doctors. Canada has more fruit juice drinkers. And no one does rubber gloves like the Malaysians.

What about the wealthier countries? Oh chortle: America is the No 1 place for serial killers. Australia is the place to go for the best chance of getting your car stolen.

And Britain... well apparently we're No 1 for CCTV. Yep, the country that gave the world George Orwell turns out to be pretty tip-top at spying on its citizens. I'm so proud.

Which gives an excuse to use this splendid photo I saw on Dizzy's website.

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