Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thank you and goodbye

Just watched Gordon Brown make his resignation statement outside Downing Street with a slight tear in my eye. I am no fan of the man, his party or his policies, but in his brief statement of farewell he spoke with a dignity befitting a man of great principle and honour. I'm a sucker for a politician who praises his wife and children, too. Not everyone can carry it off with sincerity.

As if to remind us of the calibre of statesman who has just left the stage, Channel 4 News cuts to John Prescott for a eulogy, who says he has got his battle bus warmed up ready to fight the Tories in another election. Hard to see either Prezza or Blair leaving with similar gravitas or decency.

Quote of the day from John Snow on Channel 4: "If the Queen really does watch Coronation Street - and they say she does - she will be postponing it tonight."

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