Thursday, May 06, 2010

Celebs in the polling booth

I made a Labour teller's day when I cast my vote this morning.

"Has Glenda been down yet?" I asked.

"Glenda who?"

"Glenda Jackson, she lives just up the road. I'm sure she'll be down to vote soon."

At which a huge beam spread over the face of the lady with the red rosette. "Oh that will make sitting here worth while," she said. Always happy to make someone smile, even a Labour supporter.

Jackson is probably the most famous local resident in Blackheath. Jools Holland lives nearby but I think is in the Greenwich constituency and there is also supposedly Terry Waite, the former hostage and Archbishop of Canterbury's special envoy, but he is never seen around the village despite an Indian restaurant boasting on its menu that one curry is "Terry Waite's favourite". Well anything must taste better than Beirut's finest slops.

I met Jackson in the pollling station five years ago. The double-Oscar-winner-turned-MP lives a couple of streets away from me (albeit in a far grander house, as befits a socialist), on the other side of London to her Highgate constituency.

"Morning," I said flashing a smile. "Who did you vote for then?"

The sour-faced old sow just scowled. If she was that grumpy when Labour were winning an election, it is probably just as well that our paths didn't cross this morning.

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Angus Donald said...

Shouldn't you be sleeping? We've got a long night ahead of us!