Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Byrne notice

After Liam Byrne's blunt note of advice to his successor as Chief Secretary of the Treasury - "I'm afraid there's no money. Good luck!" - the Vole has been sniffing through the archives and found some other unhelpful valedictories.

"To whichever wench is next: Henry is quite demanding. Try not to lose your head under pressure"
- Anne Boleyn

"Hope you can speak Russian. Tell the new guys they won't need to walk Blondi."
- Adolf Hitler

"Dear Colly, Try and keep one eye on the French and one eye on the Spanish. Be warned: Hardy doesn't put out."
- Horatio Nelson

"All yours. Felt a slight bump a while back but everything seems ok. Probably just a whale. I'm turning in for the night."
- Anonymous look-out on RMS Titanic

"Barry! God are you lucky: the economy is shooting ahead and the Taleban have disappeared. Or is it the economy that has disappeared and the Taleban doing the shooting? I can't remember. Ask Dick if you get stuck. By the way: never trust a pretzel."
- George W Bush

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